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Community Guidelines

Welcome to ASOS Fashion Finder!

We've put together some guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys being part of the community. By using this site and getting involved you are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines:

What's cool

  • Having fun and staying safe

    We want you to hang out online and have fun. If you've got a question, check out our FAQs which include some tips on staying safe online.

  • Treating each other with respect

    The ASOS Fashion Finder community is made up of loads of different types of people - from all over the world. Not everyone will think in the same way as you, so respect that they have a right to their opinion and to feel comfortable in their views.

  • Creating content

    Keep your creations and uploaded images on topic. This is your opportunity to develop your style profile and share your fashion ideas and inspirations with others in the community. If you're a little less confident and would like some practise first, then you can save your content as private until you're ready to share it.

  • Following other members

    Not only can you invite all of your existing friends to be a part of Fashion Finder, but you can follow people who share your tastes in fashion and whose style and creations you admire. Just click on the ‘Follow’ button on their member profile

  • Report anything you're not sure about... our moderators love a helping hand!

    It's not possible for our moderators to review everything that's posted on the site... so if you spot something that you think isn't in keeping with our guidelines, please report it to us using the 'report it' button. We keep all reports completely confidential.

  • Communicating

    You can communicate privately with your friends by using the Fashion Finder message service or post a message that appears in all of your friends' streams. Feel free to leave comments on outfits, looks and videos; these are seen by everyone and help to establish your fashion personality and opinions.

What's not cool

  • Personal insults

    Fashion's about having fun... Let's keep anything that's nasty, harmful, threatening, harassing, abusive, indecent, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, sexual, unlawful, profane, untrue or considered to be bullying out of our community. Also, please keep your username clean, don't impersonate anyone, and keep your content in English. Our moderators are clever, but not bilingual just yet.

  • Not staying safe

    Please don't post personal info like your email address, date of birth, phone number, home or business address, or bank details. Read our staying safe online section in the FAQs for more advice.

  • Copyrighted and confidential material

    Passing off as your own; text, photos, videos (or anything that can be swiped from the web), is definitely not allowed.

    If you've uploaded an image that's not yours but you'd like to keep it on your profile, be sure to tag it as a ‘Celebrity & Promo’ or ‘Other’ – not as ‘Members Own’. Another option is to use the description space to give credit to the site or photographer that you got the image from. This doesn't mean that the original owner can't ask for it to be removed, but by doing this you are acknowledging them and crediting them for their work, which might help.

    Don't post anything that would be considered confidential (like work info), or anything that you wouldn't be comfortable with a complete stranger seeing.

    See our FAQs for more details on what may happen if you breach copyright on ASOS Fashion Finder.

  • Inappropriate content

    Inappropriate content includes anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as looks or outfits containing harassing, indecent, obscene, offensive, bullying, discriminatory, sexual or unlawful material. If you are unsure or concerned about something you have seen or received report it or contact the ASOS Fashion Finder team.

  • Lies and court cases

    This one's from our lawyers. If you post something that's untrue ("libellous" or "defamatory" in lawyer-speak), you can get sued. And if you discuss anything after someone's been arrested (regardless of whether you know them or not), this may get you - and us! - held in contempt of court.

  • Linking to bad stuff

    Don't link to any media or executable file. If you think someone has posted one, don't click on it but report it to us. If you click on it, you run the risk of getting a virus on your computer. Remember that is not responsible for third-party sites as we don't own the internet.

  • Cheating to gain Style Credits

    Our moderators will spot someone who is trying to abuse our style status system. Play fair – if you are seen to be cheating by uploading volumes of irrelevant content, publishing un-styled outfits with no effort involved or using multiple logins for the purpose of voting or disrupting the community, then you could have the points taken away and in extreme cases be suspended or banned from the site. There is more information about registering accounts in the Terms and Conditions under the ASOS Community Areas section.

  • Ignoring our guidelines

    If your content gets moderated, it's for a reason. Please don't re-post edited/removed content without contacting us first and don't spam the ASOS Fashion Finder Community. If you think that some of your content has been removed or edited unnecessarily then please contact the ASOS Fashion Finder team and provide full details.

  • Common language

    The common language in the community is English. Please make all your comments, titles and descriptions in English so that everyone can understand and join in.

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